WTVM Editorial 7/3/18: The Power of Goodwill

WTVM Editorial: The Power of Goodwill

(WTVM) - It was just a few weeks ago we told you about 19-year-old Corbin Simpson of Phenix City who donated a kidney to LaShonda Brown of Columbus, out of the goodness of his heart and the fact they were a perfect medical match.

Now, there are two more shining examples of goodwill to share with you; stories about selfless donors who stepped up willingly to save another's life.

Young Joshua Swainer of Upatoi, who has sickle cell anemia, is getting a bone marrow transplant from his sister Kalei.

That's amazing enough, but this is the second time Kalei donated bone marrow. The first time she was just 4 years old when her sister Anna was also found to have sickle cell anemia. Kalei's love and generosity toward for her siblings is inspiring.

In yet another act of medical goodwill, an Auburn woman was found to be a perfect match to a little California girl who desperately needed a bone marrow transplant.

Skye Savren-McCormick from Ventura, CA was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia months before her first birthday.

From all the way across the country, Hayden Hatfield Ryals was found to be a match. Hayden's generosity literally saved Skye's life. It was another "good news" story tailor-made for a News Leader 9's feature segment we call "The Power of Goodwill."

There is no doubt that we need to report good news now more than ever. So, with the support of our sponsor partner Goodwill Industries, we are dedicated to find, focus on and report uplifting and happy news, like the blood marrow donation made by Hayden.

In fact, the power of Goodwill was multiplied when Hayden invited little Skye to be the flower girl at her wedding when she got married in Auburn.

Caring for each other and helping each other is the most important thing in life, much more important than money or status.

If during these polarizing times, when people seem more focused on their disagreements or differences than finding common ground, the goodwill of people like Hayden, Kalei, and Corbin make for "good news" stories that are always worth sharing.

We'll keep looking for more positive stories to tell, and we hope when you see one you'll share it with us, too.

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