Mother of UGA standout reunited with son's jersey: 'I feel like I won the lottery'

Mother of UGA standout reunited with son's jersey: 'I feel like I won the lottery'

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) – A mother of a UGA football standout was reunited with her son's jersey, thanks to a Goodwill in LaGrange.

Olivia Godwin, mother of Terry Godwin, UGA's star wide receiver, started searching for her son's jersey when she noticed it was missing around July 8.

"We had the bags separated to wash clothes," Godwin said, "and the bag full of family t-shirts and Terry's jersey was accidentally donated to Goodwill."

The Godwin family rushed to the Goodwill in LaGrange to search for their belongings for hours. After coming up empty-handed at the retail store and attended donation canter, the Godwin's believed the jersey had been lost for good.

Taking to her own devices, Mrs. Godwin made a post on Facebook urging anyone who shopped at Goodwill to keep their eyes peeled for Terry's red jersey with the number five on the back. "I could have replaced the jersey, but it was just from his freshman year in college. He's now a senior, and it means so much," Godwin explained.

The post was shared more than 200 times and a community-wide search ensued for the coveted jersey. Days later, the GoodwillSR team in LaGrange found Godwin's jersey in the processing area, reached out to Mrs. Godwin on social media, and were soon able to reunite the devoted mother with her son's sentimental treasure. "I'm totally proud of Goodwill for going through the tireless search to find my son's jersey," Godwin exclaimed. "I feel like I won the lottery!"

"Thankfully the family notified us quickly enough that we were able to locate the jersey in the processing area of our LaGrange retail store," GoodwillSR's President and CEO, Jack Warden said.

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