Tests show no mold in Government Center despite employee complaints

Tests show no mold in Government Center despite employee complaints

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus citizens and employees are weighing in on the decision to build a new government center.

A Columbus resident Toni Moore says, "I think it's time for a change."

"I think it would be a good idea. That building is really old and with the problems they've had with the two recent floodings, its time I think that they build a new building," says Moore.

The building is approaching 50 years old and in need of major repairs according to officials.

Several government center employees told News Leader 9 they believe a new government center is long overdue.

Already this summer, the government center has flooded twice and now employees are complaining about mold in the building, according to the inspections and Codes Director John Hudgison.
Hudgison says, "We performed this test based off of the complaints of the citizens and employees."

Hudgison also mentions that contractors are still on site assessing damage day by day and the city is working to make sure mold does not continue to harvest in the building. He says tests showed no concerning levels of mold in the building.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson is continuing her proposal of building a new government center.  A lengthy 2017 report by the mayor's commission cites leading factors such as safety, security, and space as issues where the current government center doesn't measure up. Tomlinson says the project has a price tag of more than 124 million dollars.

Now a big question on everyone's minds is 'How is this going to be paid for if it's approved?' The commision recommends the project to be paid for by SPLOST, a special sales tax. A vote for that sales tax could be as early as 2020.

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