Lee County Sheriff to be honored for heroic action taken that saved coworker's life

Lee County Sheriff to be honored for heroic action taken that saved coworker's life

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The Lee County Alabama Sheriff will be honored along with other first responders for his heroic actions that saved a coworker's life.

Sheriff Jay Jones will receive the Heartsaver Hero Award, presented by CarePoint Resources LLC during a presentation on July 18. The award is offered through the American Heart Association to non-medical bystanders who respond to sudden cardiac arrest victims to save lives.

Jones is being recognized for his actions to save the life of Iris Bridges, an administrative assistant and longtime employee at the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Jones found Bridges unresponsive on the morning of May 10 and discovered she was not breathing and had no heartbeat. He immediately began CPR. Fellow employees dials 911 and retrieved a nearby AED and within minutes, responders from Opelika Fire and Rescue and East Alabama EMS arrived to help Jones revive Bridges.

"Iris and I have always been very close," explains Sheriff Jones, "I really believe this was a product of faith. The Lord provided the opportunity for this to take place as it did." Sheriff Jones says he responded with no hesitation or reserve, "I didn't think, I just did." He says his mind immediately went back to his training, "I remember thinking 'just do chest compressions and breathing…find the AED and get it in here.'"

"If not for Jay, I wouldn't be here," explains Ms. Bridges. "Life can change in a moment, so everyone should know some form of CPR…if not for your family, just as a passerby," she continues.

Jones says it's very humbling to be honored for his actions.

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