East AL law enforcement says riding in the back of a truck proves deadly

East AL authorities say riding in the back of a truck proves deadly

LEE COUNTY , AL (WTVM) - Millions of drivers hit the road each and every day and many bring along passengers.

Some like to ride shotgun, others take the back seat, but one spot in a car could lead to a dangerous ending.

Eye-opening video from the North Carolina Governor Highway Safety Program shows what authorities say speaks for itself.

"I'm not surprised at the result. From the video, it's obvious it's devastating," said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

The video shows a  simulation performed with dummies sitting in the bed of a pickup truck, then a car driving about 56 mph slams into the rear.

The dummies flew out of the truck's bed. One was thrown so high it went out of video's site.

"There's very, very little if any at all chance of survival for individuals in that situation," said Jones.

Alabama law says anyone under the age of 15 is required to be restrained while traveling in a vehicle, however, for those over the age of 15 it is not illegal to ride in the back of a truck.

"Technically there's not a law prohibiting riding in the back of a pickup truck, but from a common sense point and of course the video underscores that it is risky," Jones said.

Travis Thompson said he's ridden in the back of a truck before and has seen first hand it can be dangerous.

"If it's short distances then 'yes,' but if it's long distances then 'no' because it's not safe," said Thompson. "I had a buddy when I was growing who got thrown out of a truck and didn't get any justice. It's a serious matter."

Authorities said the key when it comes to climbing into the back of a truck is to think twice.

"Quite frankly, an unrestrained person in the back of an open cargo vehicle is not a good idea," said Jones.

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