Columbus homeowner fearful after drive-by shooting targets house with 7 children inside

Drive-by shooting in Columbus targets house with 7 children inside

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A  Columbus resident on 5th Avenue, who wished to remain unidentified, says his wife woke him up early this morning to tell him she heard gunshots just outside their home.

He says when he opened the front door, the glass was shattered. There were bullet holes scattered throughout the house. He says his seven children and wife were all inside the home when it happened.

"They had nothing on their heart when they shot up my house. Evidently, they don't know me, because if they did,  they would know I have too many kids in this house. I have seven little kids in this house! I have no remorse for none of them," the resident says.

Fifteen shell casings were found throughout and around the house. The homeowner says they have security cameras, but the camera that would have shown what happened wasn't working at the time. He says he's still clueless to why his house was targeted.

"I don't know if they were after my mechanic, or my brother, or whoever, but they chose the wrong person," says the resident.

Police believe three men were inside the car. Those who live in the area say it's a sad situation for the family to face, especially the children.

"Children are our future and they're seeing all this craziness and it's just sad," says Alix Berry, a longtime area resident.

The investigation is still underway. The Columbus Police Department says anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact police as soon as possible.

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