Some residents in Meriwether County against building a rock quarry in the community

Some residents in Meriwether County against building a rock quarry in the community

MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Hundreds of people in Meriwether County are furious over a vote that could potentially bring a huge rock quarry to the community.

This would affect miles of land where people live.

There are signs all over the county, highlighted in bold red letters, and reading "stop mining in Meriwether County."

Residents say they are not against businesses moving into the rural area, just not a rock quarry.

"There's so many negatives about it, you got the blasting and the drilling. We don't have county water, so that's an issue. Then, you have the dust," says  Ronnie Heard, a leader in concerned citizens group.

For one local family of eight, they say bringing a massive rock quarry to the rural area would be devastating for a number of reasons.

"We are very concerned about our children's well-being, and also the Flint River, the White Oak Creek, and environmental issues this thing could cause," said Jeremy Coleman, a resident of Alvaton in Meriwether County.

Out of state developers from North Carolina are looking to purchase approximately 756 acres of land for a rock quarry in the middle of hundreds of homes.

The land is currently zoned as a residential area, but legal proceedings are already underway to change the area into an industrial site---a decision many people in and from the area say they don't want to see happen.

"We need to get the awareness out around the region. This does not affect Meriweather County, this affects every county that touches this area, and we all need to know what is going on," said  Valerie Haskins, District 29 State Senate candidate.

City council will decide the zoning decision requested by the developers at a meeting on October 8.

For the Coleman family, whose home would be directly impacted by the potential quarry, they hope council will make the right decision.

News Leader 9 reached out to the developer and is waiting to hear back.

Concerned citizens are getting together to discuss the issues with the quarry.

The first meeting is Thursday, Sept. 13, at 7.p.m.

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