Eight Danger Signals

Do you suffer from headaches, stiffness of neck, pain between the shoulders, backache, painful joints, pain in your arms or legs, numbness in hands or feet, or nervousness?  These are Eight Danger Signals.

Headaches:  Persistant headaches may be a warning signal of pinched nerves.  The headaches may indicate a problem within the structural elements of your neck and back.  This could mean that your vertebra has slipped into an abnormal position, causing pressure that shows up in the form of a headache.  If left untreated, they could develop into more serious condition.

Stiffness of Neck:  If you are suffering from stiffness of the neck, this is an indication that the normal flow of nerve energy, which is very important to maintaining good health, has been interrupted.   Chiropractic care allows the flow of nerve energy to return to normal.

Arm and Shoulder Pain:  Can be caused by pressure on cervical nerve root, years of over use or a specific injury that has affected the tendons, inflammed the rotator cuff or has been torn by an injury.  Abnormal joint motion can also lead to wear and tear on the cartilage. The shoulder relies heavily on muscles surrounding it for stability.  Proper function of these muscles is important otherwise the movement of the joint may be effected, it is then that the pain and stiffness can result.

Low Back Pain:  Low back pain may indicate a problem with in the structural elements of the spine itself, the vertebrae, discs, or muscles.  It can also be the result of other conditions in the body.  Common activities such as sitting, bending, twisting, and lifting or even an accident may cause the lower spine to be disturbed.  Additionally, stress and tension in our everday lives combined with fatigue may contribute to this pain.

Hip and Leg Pain:  There are many causes of pain in the hip and leg, but research has shown that the most common cause involves a spinal imbalance or misalignments which may irritate local nerve fibers.  This causes pain and muscle spasms.

Nervousness:  Yes, nervousness is also a warning sign, if it persists it is a definite indicator that something is not right.