Feminine Facts

Some women are plagued with cramps, vomiting, irregularity in menstral flow, over or underweight, headaches, tension and moodiness that seem to make life miserable.  To understand what we can do about it, we must learn more about the Endoctrine Glands.

Endoctrine Glands

(Pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas and sex glands) perform under the direction of the autonomic nervous system and are entirely automatic.  The nervous system connects the glands with each other and with the brain so they know when and how much hormone secretions the body needs.

When nerve communication is unhindered and working normally, there is perfect balance.  When one gland is out of order, all of them in some degree are disturbed and thus gives rise to mental, physical and emotional upsets.  Even with proper diet, exercise and rest, it is not guaranteed that our  glands and organs are kept in perfect working order unless the nervous system is free to do its part.  Dr. Taylor  knows how to locate exact points of interferences and works to restore more normalcy to the spine.  You will no longer have to envy those women who are pain free, healthy, happy, and active month after month.

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