How can 5 people who eat the same food, sleep on the same pillow and breathe the same air, but only one of them will have an allergic reaction?  The answer is in the body of the sufferer, his resistance isn't strong enough to fight off the irritant with other waste products the way a normal, healthy body does.

When you suffer from hay fever, itchiness, runny nose, inflammed eyes, coughing or digestive allergies which may bring on vomiting, cramps or even diarrhea, that can only make life miserable. Your body has its own allies to defend it against foreign substances that may invade it.  These defense mechanisms are kept in order by the nervous system.  The nervous system controls, regulates and coordinates all other systems of the body.

The real cause of most allergies is the interference in the nervous system caused by a bone out of its proper position.  The cure is to get rid of the weakened immune system and to strenghten the body's natural defenses by restoring the ability of the nerve impulses to keep the body normally functioning.

Chiropractic care has helped thousands of people with allergies.  See your chiropractor today to see if your allergies are being caused by nerve interference and let him help keep you miserable free!

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