Whiplash Neck Injury

The neck is composed of the cervical spine and provides full support to the head.  If a sudden jarring crack of whiplash occurs, it may cause injury.  When the bones of the neck move out of normal position, it causes a restriction in the opening between where the nerve and blood vessels pass through.  This results in an irritation to the nerves and interface with nerve transmission and blood supply vital to normal body function.  The pinched nerve causes reduced function, or depending on the severity, complete dysfunction of the area of the body governed by the impulses from the affected nerve.

Tension keeps muscles shortened and tightened which may cause them to be highly susceptable to injury.  Fatigue and slackening of the muscle tone also lead to high possibility of injury.

*  Are you experiencing headaches, head and neck pains, stiff neck or muscle spasms?

*  Do you have restricted head motion

*  Do you suffer from equilibrium problems, loss of hearing, ringing of the ears?

*  Do you have increased eye strain or sensitivity to light?

*  Do you have cold hands or feet, numbness of arms, hands, shoulders, feet or legs?

*  Do you experience pains between your shoulders, low back pain, tremors or rapid heartbeat?

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