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Big Boats Could Be Banned On Lake Martin

Lake Martin could be a little less congested if Alabama State Senator Gerald Dial gets his way. The Tallapoosa County lake is one of three targeted for a proposed ban on large boats, and that suits some residents just fine.

"Most of the drivers don't pay attention to the smaller people out there. That's kids on Wave Runners, or just people on little fishing boats. It's a very bad safety hazard," said Alison Pruitt, who lives on the lake.

Boats longer than 30 feet 6 inches would no longer be welcome here, except for sailboats and others currently housed on the lake. Some residents see the ban as a remedy for pollution.

"The houseboats have been an issue over the years about how they dispose of their septic. That's the concern I have," said Leon Archer, owner of Archer Septic Systems.

People are concerned the quiet nature of the lake could disappear if bigger boats are allowed to anchor down.

"We have a lot of Georgia people that's coming over to Lake Martin and to the other Alabama lakes. They're investing money because they're concerned about Lake Lanier over there that's overpopulated and the water quality," Archer said.

Motors with 500 horsepower or more will also be banned.

"I had one come by just yesterday. It came flying into my slough and made a bunch of big waves. It caused my pontoon boat to crash into my dock, and there were waves crashing on the seawall," said Pruitt.

Some boat dealers tell News Leader 9 they're against the ban because it may hurt their sales. Senator Dial originally asked for the ban on 11 lakes around Alabama, but he narrowed the list to three after facing opposition. The bill is currently being debated in the Senate.

--Written by: Brock Parker

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