Lower Back and Hip Pain

For two years or more I had trouble getting in and out of a car without having pain. Just to sit down in a chair and to get up caused me intense pain in my lower back and heft hip. The medical and orthopedic doctors prescribed muscle relaxers (which I was not able to take), and told me not to work or do any type of exercises.

Around January of 1986, I saw an ad in the newspaper about Dr. C. Gary Taylor and he had knowledge of various symptoms. I called Dr. Taylor to set up an appointment since all the medical and orthopedic doctors would give me were muscle relaxers, and for the past 6 months, I was increasingly getting worse. Dr. Taylor gave me a free consultation and he told me that he felt like he could help me. He then proceeded to do x-rays and exam.

He started treatment and therapy, and beginning with day one, I could feel the difference. My changes and progress that I feel I have made through Dr. Taylor's treatment has made me feel like a completely new lady! I feel 100% better.

Dr. Taylor and the staff are all beautiful people. When I come for treatment I do not think of it as being a visit to a doctor, I feel as if I am visiting my family. I recommend to people young and old alike to let Dr. Taylor help you as he did me.

--Sarah Harbuck