Numbness in my left hand

In February of 1986, I began having numbness in my left hand. I came to Dr. Taylor for a consultation and was pleased to find such a knowledgeable and professional person to talk with. After a preliminary examination, I began a series of treatments which greatly improved my condition. Dr. Taylor told me that if I had any sinus problems, they would probably be helped by the treatments I was receiving for my hand, since part of my hand trouble was due to a problem in my neck which also controlled my sinuses. He was right!! I have had almost no sinus problems this year in relation to the tremendous amount in the years past.

Dr. Taylor and his staff go beyond your office visits to insure proper care and treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Taylor and chiropractic care as a first line of defense against sickness and injury and a first line offense against sickness and injury that may already exist. My thanks to Dr. Taylor and his staff for their care and concern.

--Jeff Tate