Summer Vacation Burglaries

When opportunity knocks, thieves break in.

"Down the road we've had two 4-wheelers stolen that somebody hooked up to a boat just drove out of the neighborhood in broad daylight,"says Jim Albrecht, Columbus Security Manager.

While many people are planning out of town trips, some criminals are finding new ways to burglarize homes.

In fact personal property crimes are the highest they've been in six years.

"All someone has to do is pop these hinges out and that door will come completely off but luckily this home has a door sensor on it that's tied into a burglar alarm,"says Albrecht.

Experts say burglar alarms are a great way to deter thieves.

Motion detectors and cameras can also be your eyes and ears while away from home -- but it's the simple things that go a long way.

"All someone has to do is break out that window turn the dead bolt and then open the door,"says Albrecht.

So, instead of glass, solid wood or metal doors are recommended.

One thing that's commonly taken is personal property like motorcycles. One way to protect that is to hook it up to the alarm system. once it's removed the system goes off and everyone is notified.

Aside from high tech gadgets, police say a nosey neighbor is the best weapon against a break in.

"Probably the most important thing is to have your neighbor looking out when you're not at home and you do the same for your neighbor,"says Lt. Gil Slouchick, Columbus Police Department.

Police also recommend having your mail service and newspaper service stopped while your out of town.

They even say you should have a neighbor check on the house and even park their car in front -- anything to make your house look like someone is home.

Police say if the bushes cover windows or doors you're home could be an easy target.

Authorities also say if you buy a new appliance, then set the box outside for everyone to see, that could make you an easy target too.