Poisonous Plants

The following poisonous plant cases have been documented in Birds

Avacado Psittaciformes (CE)
Black Locust Budgerigars (E)
Clematis Budgerigars (E)
Diffenbachia Canaries (E)
Foxglove Canaries (E)
Lily of the Valley Pigeons (C,E)
Lupine Canaries (E)
Crown Vetch Budgerigars, cockatiels, lovebirds (C)
Oleander Budgerigars, canaries (E)
Parsley Ostriches (C), ducks (E)
Philondendron Budgerigars (E)
Poinsettia Budgerigars (E)
Rhododendron Budgerigars (E)
Virginia Creeper Budgerigars (E)
Yew Pheasants (C), canaries (E)

C = clinical report;  E = experimental

The following plants may be toxic to your Dog and Cat

Selected Insoluble Oxalate-containing Plants

Scientific Name

Common Names
Aglaonema modestum Chinese evergreen
Alocasia species African mask, Chinese taro, elephant's ear, ape, giant "caladium"
Arum maculatum Cuckoo pint, lord-and-ladies, bobbin, startch-plant
Caladium species Caladium, mother-in-law plant, elephant's ear, pink cloud, exposition, seagull, Texas wonder, stoplight
Calla palustris Water dragon, wild arum, wild calla
Colocasia species Elephant's ear, taro
Dieffenbachia species Dumb cane, mother-in-law's tongue plant, dumb plant, tuft root, leopard lily
Epiprenmum species Scindapsus, pothos, devil's ivy, marble queen
Monstera species Swiss cheese plant, fruit salad plant, cutleaf philodendron, Mexican breadfruit
Philodendron species Heart-leaf, fiddle-leaf, red-leaf, panda plant, leather leaf, black and gold
Spathiphyllum species Peace lily, white sails, snowflower, white anthurium, mauna loa, spathe flower
Syngonium podophyllum African evergeen, arrowhead vine, tri-leaf wonder
Xanthosoma species Spoon flower, blue ape, Indian kale, malanga
Zantedeschia species Calla, calla lily

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