Northern Players Hit The Books Again

Columbus' new hero's returned to reality Thursday morning.  They went back to their perspective schools.

Blackmon Road and Midland Middle Schools both have students on the Northern Team.  Despite the celebrations at the civic center in Columbus Wednesday, each school had their own welcome home celebrations too.

There were cheers and screams of excitement to see the boys.  "I'm really excited for them to be back in school.  I am proud of them, but I am happy for them to be back," said Haley Reed, Blackmon Road Student.

The Northern player's parents have been supporting them all the way, but there were a lot of sacrifices for the team.  "Thousands of hours of taking ground balls, hitting balls, and private lessons," said Rick Stallings, Northern Parent.

The players say after planning baseball for a few weeks and becoming world champs has added more people to their friend list.  "I knew a lot of people before I left and now there are more that know me," said Cody Walker, Northern Catcher.

Now with a world title, the team says with laughter they have lost count on how many autographs they have signed.  "I feel like my hand is about to fall off," said Ryan Lang, Northern Outfielder.  But for weeks to come there will be more autographs on essays and term papers.