High Speed Chase Leads To Arrest

A man is in jail in Lee County following a wild high speed police chase. Lee County deputies arrested Jason Cofield on federal drug and theft charges on Wednesday. But Cofield didn't go quietly, and it was all caught on tape.

The chase began when the suspect Jason Cofield ran into an unmarked police car as he tried to run from police.

A massive manhunt began and deputies eventually caught up with Cofield's silver truck. He spins around, trying to get away from deputies. Just as one deputy caught up to him, Cofield took off, and another deputy picked up the chase.

At more than 80 miles an hour, the deputy chased Cofield down dirt roads and into the woods. The chase finally ended when Cofield crashed into a creek and deputies arrested him.

Though no one was hurt, investigators can't stress enough how dangerous these chases can be.

"Anytime there's a high speed chase, it places the officers involved in the situation of danger, and it also places the citizens of the community that are on the roads in danger," said Lee County Sheriff's Capt. Van Jackson.

Cofield was wanted on several drug and theft charges. Investigators found a meth lab, guns, and stolen cars on his property back in January.

They say this arrest will hopefully help reduce the number of meth labs in the area.

"I think that anytime we can stop someone from being involved, whether it's a user or a producer, it's positive for the community," Jackson said.

Investigators were back on Cofield's property Thursday, where they found another stolen car and a stolen ATV.

Cofield's being held at the Lee County jail, where he's waiting to be transferred to federal authorities.