World Champions Meet World Leader

The Northern team that took the world by storm at the Little League World Series two weeks ago is still the talk of the town.

Now the boys met one of their biggest fans yet--the president of the United States.

It happened under the wing of Air Force One.

President George Bush gave our world champion little leaguers advice they've all heard before, but won't soon forget.  "He just told us that we were winners, that we could be winners in life too. It didn't have to just be baseball, it could be whatever we wanted it to be," coach Randy Morris told News Leader 9.

After speaking to a Marietta crowd about terrorism, the President let down his guard and spoke plainly to the group of wide-eyed 12 year olds about one of his other favorite subjects--or past-times, if you will.

"I didn't know he'd be that excited to see us, but he told us all congratulations...he was real crazy about it. What did you tell him? I asked him if he could strike me out. What did he say? Not then, not now," says Northern infielder Josh Lester.

For the youngsters, after two weeks of photographs, autographs, and hand shakes, they were glad to finally ask for a signature, rather than give one, reminding us all, that these kids, are, in fact, kids.

It may be even time to plan another Presidential visit, this time, though, it will be on different turf--the White House.