Schools Celebrate Constitution Day

It's been 219 years since the Constitution was signed.  While the anniversary was Sunday, some schools celebrated Monday.

Chattahoochee Valley Community College and Columbus State University marked Constitution day with speeches and reflections on this historic document.  "It's an opportunity for us a CVCC and for people across the country to remember 9/11, to remember the lives lost, and to remember our service members across the country," said Laurel Blackwell, CVCC President.

But Monday's ceremonies hit home for CVCC student Gavin Ives.  "There were some parts that really touched my heart, because I have family in the military," said Ives.

Russell County High School ROTC came to CVCC to make a special presentation of a remembrance table, which honors all branches of the military as well as civilians.   "It gives us the opportunity to take moment and look at a friend, relative, brother, sister, mom, or dad.  Basically to see who they served in the military," said Sgt. Thomas Kane, Army National Guard.

Columbus State University also had a similar celebration.  But one CSU professor feels the Constitution is important for everyone in America.  "A lot of people don't understand the Constitution is the basis of our rights and it not only create the government, but limits the government," said Dr. Tom Dolan, CSU Professor.

General Colin Powell led the nation in a similar ceremony Monday with a recitation of the Preamble to the Constitution.

Congress passed the proposed provision in 2004 that every school and college teach about the Constitution on September 17th, if they receive federal money.