Red Cross Changes Its Mind

By Michele Donohue

Many Americans weren't happy with the way the Red Cross planned to use the money collected for the Liberty Fund, so the organization has changed its policy.

Today it says all of the money will go directly to the victims of September 11th. The agency had wanted to set aside part of the 543-million dollars for other needs.
Kelly Wagner, the local Red Cross Public Support Officer, explained, "We've really listened to the American public and we've done what the American public has said it wanted. Which is, truly, we want this money we've donated to go strictly to the victims. So what we've done. We've taken that money and it's going right there."
Initially, the Red Cross was to provide 3-months of assistance to the victims of September 11th. Now it will provide a full year's worth of basic living expenses to the families.
The agency has also suspended further fund raising efforts for the Liberty Fund. The Red Cross believes it has enough money to support all the programs needed for the victims.