Lobbyist Want Speed Limit Caps On 18- Wheelers

It's what makes many motorists on the road uneasy -- driving in front of or next to a huge 18 wheeler plowing down the highway.

"Especially when you are between two of them and you are vibrating a little...I can't handle that. I got to go around,'" says Bill Putnam, Mororist.

That same panic causes numerous accidents especially on this stretch of Alabama's 431, where there is little time for fast moving trucks to stop.

"They think because we got so many breaks on there we can stop but they are not realizing we got so much weight pushing those trucks that we can't just up and stop on a dime." says one truck driver.

In an effort to make the roads safer, the American Trucking Association wants to slow big-rigs down by putting a 68 mile per hour limit on them.

Veteran driver Hubert Hallford says the measure would only make driving more dangerous with more congestion--causing motorists to cut around.

"Instead of being so heavy on these trucks they need to start on some of these four wheelers out here that pull out in front of these big trucks,"says Hallford

Some drivers say the proposed limit would only add fuel to the fire.

" To me that causes a little bit of hassle because everybody even myself, I get aggravated and try to pass and can't. Traffic keeps backing up,"says Jack Davila, motorist.

So, for now, the road will have to be shared in harmony with big-rigs and four wheelers.    The American Trucking Association plans to formally petition federal officials Friday.  Many of the drivers we spoke with say they already have a 78-mile an hour cap on their trucks.