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Mother Says 7-Year-Old Daughter Inappropriately Touched At School

The child goes to Loyd Elementary on post.  She says an 8-year-old boy has been touching her, and 3 other girls, inappropriately since the second day of school.  The girl's mother found out about it Sunday, and says no one has done anything to correct the situation.

"He touches me without permission," said the 7-year-old girl.

Without showing her face, she tells us where she says a classmate has touched her.

"Our bottom, and our area, and one time he touched me on my chest," she said.

The child says it happens on "special days" the 8-year-old boy has assigned to her and 3 other girls.

"On Monday, it's one of my friends," she said.  "On Tuesday, it's me. Thursday, it's my other friend, and Friday it's all of us."

"You expect something like this to happen out there, not in a military setting," said the girl's mother, Rebecca Mazziotte.

Mazziotte says when she found out this past Sunday, she first contacted military police.

"They made it seem like she had no right, there are no laws to protect her because the boy is 7,8 years old," Mazziotte said.

Then she went directly to Loyd Elementary.

"I tried to tell my teacher, but she kept saying go read and sit down," the girl said.

Mazziotte says school officials knew the boy had "boundary issues," and had talked to his mother, but no other parents.

"They never removed him, never contacted child services," Mazziotte said.  "They kept it to themselves, hush, hush."

Fort Benning isn't commenting because the situation is under investigation, but the Public Affairs Office did release this statement.

"These allegations are not being taken lightly, and will be fully investigated. Based on the results of the investigation, appropriate actions will be taken."

Not a moment too soon for Mazziotte and her daughter, who both want one thing.

"For him to stop doing that," the child said.

Fort Benning says an investigation was underway by the time Rebecca Mazziotte notified the Garrison Commander Wednesday morning.  The school system, military police, and social services are involved.  Mazziotte says it appears the boy has been moved to another classroom, but she wants him completely out of the school.

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