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Road America Brings 300 Jobs to Columbus South

There's a new business in town.  And its bringing hundreds of jobs to Columbus South.  Road America opened its 24-hour call center above the river walk Wednesday.  City leaders are hoping the business will help revitalize the area. 

A joyful ribbon-cutting ceremony today at Road America's newest call center.  Today city and state leaders, CEO's from Road America and company employees toured the new 24-hour roadside assistance call center.  Its bringing 300 new jobs to Columbus South. 

Columbus Mayor Bob Poydasheff says, "If you take a look at Columbus South you're gonna see dynamic work going on and the center piece is right here.  Its known as Road America."

Twenty-two months ago Road America began searching for its new call center location.  With the help of a national search firm they decided on Columbus.  Road America President Dennis Fantis says, "With over 3,000 communities, potential sites the project progressed really step by step community by community until we discovered our new home here in Columbus and we couldn't be happier." 

The 25-thousand square foot facility is at 22nd Avenue and Victory Drive.  This summer, recruiters began hiring dozens of employees. . .people like Joann Roberson.  She took a job with Road America because it offered flexible hours so she could continue work on a masters degree.  She says, "I always tell people if you're looking for a job its a great place to work its a great place to be and its just revitalizing the whole entire area here."  City leaders agree and are happy to have Road America in the community.

The new call center can handle 685-thousand calls every month for roadside assistance.  Over 16 million people in the United States use Road America services.


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