OSHA Investigating Worker Killed In Cave-in

An investigation continues into the death of a construction worker who died Monday while working in a trench at the Phenix City water filtration plant.  The investigators were at the water plant again Tuesday talking with construction workers who were at the plant when the accident happened.

Part of their investigation will tell whether the trench where the dirt caved in on Timothy Haker, a construction worker from Childersburg, AL was properly supported.  "We tell contractors to make sure when workers are going to go deeper than 5 feet in a trench, they need to think about what type of protection they are going to provide their employees," said Ken Atha, OSHA.

The construction company P.F. Moon was working on a 5.1 million dollar project to replace some 1928 settling basins at Phenix City's Water Filtration Plant.  City utility officials say the contractor is responsible for the safety of their employees.  "The city takes no position in this accident.  This is an issue to be resolved with P.F. Moore and OSHA," said Greg Glass, Phenix City Utilities.

OSHA says trenching accidents are one of the top 4 fatal accidents they investigate every year.  But they say whenever construction workers are going in trenches, the contractor is responsible for their employees' safety.  "Trenches collapsing on employees should not be occurring in this day in age.  Technology has gotten us to a point where it is easier to provide protection for employees," said Atha.

OSHA investigators say they are still conducting interviews with employees and management of P.F. Moon who were on-site when the accident happened.  OSHA says the employer could face citations if violations are found.