Safety Is Key When Frying Thanksgiving Turkey

As seen in an online demonstration from Underwriters Labritories, frying a turkey can be a recipe for disaster if done the wrong way.

"Once that oil boils over the pan it's going to igniting on the flames and there you got your fire,"says Chief Greg Lang Columbus Fire Marshal.

That happens when water hits hot oil.

So, rule number one is to make sure your turkey is dry and completely unthawed before putting it in hot grease.

Masterbuilt, a Columbus manufacturer of turkey fryers, says the key to safety is to keep a close eye.

"My suggestion is once you have got the unit on and you're ready to turn it on. Then your focus is to stay with it while it's pre heating and stay with it while it's cooking.  You are taking and hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes max. That's all it's going to take out of your day,"says Don McLemore, Masterbuilt CEO.

Fire's can also happen when the oil overheats and boils over.  Despite the dangers master built has seen a sharp increase in sales.  Especially after developing this electric fryer.

"One thing about the electric units. They have a built in thermostat and an auto shut off thermostat so if it does overheat it will hit a back up and cut itself off,"says McLemore.

A feature they say provides a safer option.

As for the traditional propane fryers, experts say common sense fire safety could save Thanksgiving dinner and much more.