Columbus' Broadway Back Open

Traffic is once again moving on both sides of Broadway. Parts of it have been closed since 2005 as the streetscape improvement project moved from one end to the other.

Construction crews are still hard at work in the 1000 block of Broadway. But despite this the street is expected to remain open.

"Its great cause I love the Cannon. I love coming down here to eat, I live probably 2-3 miles away. Its great to have a place to park now and not have to walk a good ways just to get down here," says Columbus resident Matt James, who ate lunch on Broadway Monday.

The streetscape improvement has put parts of Broadway off limits for a year and a half. This was the last section to be closed, and now open. Business owners like David Serrato, who's seen a drop a customer traffic, says he's now hoping to recover. "We pretty much lost half our business during the course of the week and over 75% of out dinner business so its been difficult to say the least," says Serrato, who runs Locos Amigos Cantina.

For business people who have suffered over the months, the most important thing for them now is to get the word out that it is open again. This past weekend was suppose to be a busy shopping weekend. But it wasn't for the owner of On Time Fashions.

"Usually the time leading up to Christmas is important so the next couple of weeks is going to be determine was this all worth it or not. At least the roads are open now," says owner Jack Saad.

Work on the sidewalks and landscaping will continue on Broadway.

by Roszell Gadson