Family Members Seek Answers From Police On Response To Deadly Accident

There are even more questions about a fatal accident in Phenix City.  There may not be a 911 tape of the first call made to police.

Phenix City police say their investigation continues in the death of a man who was found eleven days ago on highway 165.  Family members are raising a lot of questions on what happen when police responded to the first call.  "It's obvious that there are some questions that need to be answered and no one is here to answer them," said Gina Reed, Victim's Fiancée.

Family members say this is not about pointing fingers but getting some information that could lead to some closure.  Police eventually found the wreck, but two days later when another call was made to police.  "You wouldn't want to see your family member die and not know the truth or have any answers.  We just want some answers from police," said Mary Brooks, Victim's Cousin.

They asked police to listen to the 9111 call made around 4:15 Saturday afternoon by a woman just walking by the wreckage.  But family members say this question turns up a red flag.  "They stated there was no 911 tape," said Reed.

Now the family of Derreck Smith wants to hear from the woman who made the initial call to police, who say Smith's truck in this ravine with the back window blown out.  "If the lady that made that call would come forward and let us know what she saw and what she stated.  It would help us out a whole lot," said Reed.

Family members say they are not ending their fight for answers.  They just want to know how long the officer dispatched out on the Saturday afternoon spent looking for the accident.  Smith was later found the following Monday afternoon by a trucker driving along highway 165.

News Leader Nine made calls to Assistant Police Chief Ray Smith and he did not return any of our phone calls.