911 Caller Says She Waited 75 Minutes For Police

A woman says she called 911 to report a deadly accident on Highway 165, earlier this month. The caller says she waited for more than an hour, but police never arrived.

Carrie Miller says guilt weighs heavy on her heart and mind.

She can't help but think of the day she found Derrick Smith's SUV in a ravine, and she couldn't help him.

"I really do feel sorry for the family. My condolences go out to them. I wish I could've done more," said Miller.

Miller says she saw the wreckage as she was walking to Meat's Bar-B-Que on Highway 165 two weeks ago.

"So I called 911, waited for 45 minutes, they didn't show up. I called them again, waited 30 minutes, they didn't show up again. So I left," she said.

But she didn't go far.

Miller went to the restaurant where she says she called 911 a third time, and waited some more.

Lugenia Upshaw is a waitress at Meats Bar-B-Que.

We showed her video of Miller, and Upshaw remembers that she waited for a long while.

Miller says it was quite a while -- an hour and fifteen minutes, and nobody came.

Derrick Smith's family says that proves that someone made a mistake, they just want to know who.

"I'm not going to let this rest until somebody is held responsible for neglecting my Derrick," said Gina Reed, Smith's Fiance.

News Leader Nine left messages for Assistant Chief Ray Smith at the Phenix City Police Department, but our calls weren't returned.

Earlier this week police did tell us an officer went to the area and couldn't find the accident.

There has been some debate about the 911 tape from Carrie Miller's call. The victim's family says police told them there was no 911 tape.

But we were told we would need a suboena to get the tape -- that's something we're still investigating.