Caution Could Prevent House Fires When Using Space Heaters

Space heaters are selling fast at Wynnton Hardware as cooler temperatures push into the area.

But, small mistakes could quickly turn into big problems -- even life threatening problems if caution is overlooked.

"They put them close to the drapes or close to the bed heats up and causes a safety hazard there,"says Greg Cheatham, Wynnton Hardware.

-- A safety hazard that causes a number of house fires in the valley.

When using space heaters you should check for frayed wires.   Keep them at least three feet away from objects.  Also, don't leave the heaters unattended.  But, if a house fire happens and you are able to get out...

"Don't go back in.  I know you feel like you can go back in and try to rescue but most of the time you become a victim also. So, stay outside once you do get outside,"says Greg Lang, Columbus Fire Marshal.

Chief Greg Lang says it's also good to have an escape route in place just in case a fire does sweep through the house.  But keeping a few safety tips in mind could prevent the worst.

Chief Lang says many of the problems are from old space heaters rather than the new ones that have safety features on them.

Fire prevention features include an automatic shut off if it turns over or overheats.