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Department Store Chain Reports A Major Security Breach

The company TJX operates more than 2500 stores under the chains TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Bob's stores.  They recently reported a major security breach in which millions of customers personal information could have been stolen.

Recently, the first fraud victims have come forward.  "I was appalled.  It just seams like incompetence all around.  There's no need of that.  You know, somebody's not paying attention," said a concerned consumer. 

At Shoppers' World in in one city, growing anger and frustration over the TJX company's handling of a massive security breach that was first reported earlier this month.  "I still think that they waited for the Christmas shopping period would be over with before they told people about it."

TJX, the parent company of Marshals, TJ Maxx, Bob's stores and Homegoods just to name a few.  Recenlty, learned in December that hackers had gained access to potentially millions of customers' personal information sometime in the previous six months.  Now the first actual victims of fraud are beginning to come forward.  "Transactions seamed questionable, and I did find out that all these transactions originated from the same address in Orlando."

It's feared that could be just the tip of the iceburg.  So far in just New England alone, banks have found some $200,000 compromised credit and debit card accounts.  That number will likely sky-rocket when larger banks like Bank of America report the results of their own investigations to the state.  "We're reaching out to consumers and telling them, 'you need to be extra vigilant now because we now know that fraud is occurring," said Bruce Spitzer, Mass Bankers Assoc. 

Still no word on whether this has affected customers in Georgia or Alabama, but News Leader Nine we'll keep you informed.

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