Family Finds Pet After 3 Month Search

9-year old Jake Futrell and his brothers love dogs. That love, helped a timid sheltie named Jackson complete his long journey home after being lost for three months.

For the owners, Nicci Loscalzo and her husband,  the loss was nearly unbearable.

"I cried every night for a good month and a half, it was awful and Sidney, our other sheltie ,she was so sad she didn't eat for six days," said Nicci Loscalzo.

Loscalzo posted lost dog posters everywhere, but after 12 weeks and no Jackson...

"My gut was, he's just gone," she said.

Meanwhile, Laura Futrell, saw the poster and noticed a similar looking dog in her neighborhood. She called Loscalzo and told her about the sighting.  Futrell's son, Jake, and his brothers kept a constant look out, and cheese, the dogs favorite treat nearby. Friday, Loscalzo went to the neighborhood to look.

"When we got there Laura already was outside with a stack of cheese in her hands, she said I saw him 5 minutes ago," Loscalzo said.

Then someone spotted Jackson again.

"It was a lifetime movie moment, I dropped down on my knees and said Jackson, It's your mommy. He bee lined into my arms and I'm bawling and my friends are bawling and Laura is holding the cheese, bawling," she said.

The Futrell family was thrilled.

"I was like mission accomplished, after they left, it was great to see Jackson home," said 9-year old Jake Futrell.

"It touched my heart to know how they made it their family project, it's good to know that there are such wonderful people out there," said Loscalzo.

Nicci Loscalzo took Jackson to the vet. He's lost seven pounds and he smelled pretty bad, but other than that, he's going to be just fine.