Last-Minute Rush For Valentine's Gifts

Call it whatever you want.

"Procrastination," said one shopper.

"I was just trying to find the perfect gift," said another shopper.

Valentine's Day is last-minute shopping at its finest.  Trying to find that perfect gift-- the day you're supposed to give it.

"I actually had forgot it was February 14, so I just remembered," said Deborah Pitts.

"I looked, but honestly I was working, so that's why I didn't get it in time," said Jamarsa Williams.

A legit reason? Or an excuse?  A puzzler, until Williams gives up the goods.

"It's an excuse," Williams said.  "I was making an excuse. It's the thought that counts."

What Valentine's day would be complete without that old logic--the mantra of last-minute shoppers everywhere.  While men often get the bad rap of being gift-buying procrastinators, many in this group tell us, not necessarily.  Well, almost not necessarily.

"I don't want to bash anybody, so I'm going to say it's equal," Williams said.

"I think it's a person thing," said Tommy Brasington.  "My wife probably got me something two months ago and added to it since then.  I don't know, it may be a guy thing."

Though the store we visited on Valentine's Day was pretty crowded, workers tell us it was busier the night before.