Missing 11-Year-Old Concerns Police

Dakina Fortson was last seen January 31st, walking to a convenience store off Fort Benning Road. Police believe she's with her 16-year-old cousin, Latoya Golden. They're concerned because Fortson is so young.

Alfreda Fortson says she's been worried sick, ever since her 11-year-old daughter Dakina went to the store, and never came back. "She's the type of person, she'll be in bed by eight o'clock. Now she's staying out all time of the night, and she ain't never did that," she said.

Forston says Dakina and her 16-year-old cousin, Latoya Golden were supposed to go the Marathon on Shelby Street, and come right back.

Now three weeks later, Fortson and police believe the two are out on the street, and getting into trouble. "As far as the Piggly Wiggly, I seen them on camera, they showed me on camera that they were stealing. The man said when he got them, he's going to prosecute," said Fortson.

Police don't believe the two are in any immediate danger, but they're worried because Fortson is so young. "We're very concerned because of her age, she's only 11. Even though we don't expect any foul play at this time, she's very young to be out there on the street," said Sgt. Rick McMahan, from the Columbus Police Dept.

Alfreda Fortson believes either Dakina's cousin isn't letting her come home, or worse. "The person that got them or whoever withholding them, I want them prosecuted," she said. Either way, she's not giving up the search for her daughter.

Dakina Fortson was last seen wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans. If you know where she, or Latoya Golden are, call Columbus Police.