Quitman County Considers More Animal Control Ordinances

We first told you about animal problems in Quitman County in July.  That's when some Georgetown residents voiced their concerns over a man keeping more than forty dogs on his property.  Now these residents are worried about the growing number of strays in the community.

Back in December, an ordinance went into effect that requires all dogs in Quitman County to be vaccinated for rabies.  But some residents say it's not being properly enforced, since the county can't afford an animal control division.  The Quitman County Sheriff's Office and the health department are left with the responsibility of enforcing the ordinance.

Animal activist Renee Klein says the County Commission has been talking with concerned residents about the possibility of additional ordinances to help control the population of stray animals.

"I would love to see an ordinance mandating spaying and neutering," Klein said. "I know it sounds harsh and cold, but until we get a handle on this situation, I would rather spay or neuter animals than put thousands of them to death."

Klein says she plans to schedule another work session with county commissioners in the near future to discuss her group's recommendations.  We attempted to contact Quitman County Commission Chair Richard Morris, but he was unavailable for comment.