Another Club Gets the Ax By City Council

Another Phenix City club will not be opening according to the Phenix City Council.  Now the fight is on to open the business back up.

The closing came after a 3 to 2 vote by Phenix City council Wednesday morning.  Gonzoes Jazz and Blues Sports Bar opened for business last May.  Managers say they are not shocked about the council's decision, but already are taking steps to reopen.  "We got an attorney and we are going to appeal.  Then we will see what happens next," said Ricky Patterson, Gonzoes Club Manager.

Mayor Jeff Hardin says information the council got from the police department led to his decision to vote and close Gonzoes.  "There has been a lot of disorderly conduct, overcrowding, fights and a couple cases with shots fired," said Hardin.

But not all councilors agree this was enough evidence to close the second nightclub in four months.  "I just didn't feel like the problems at the club had reached the threshold to take away a man's license," said Ray Bush, Councilman.

City Officials say they are not out to close businesses of this kind.  They welcome anyone who wants to open a business, but with high expectations.  "We expect a person that owns an establishment or operates an establishment be responsible for what goes on inside and outside," said Brian McGarr, Phenix City Police Chief.

Gonzoes Club owner Jerry Barnes says he plans to appeal the council's decision.  Gonzoes opened in May 2006.  You may remember the Roadhouse Club, formally known as Club Roc, lost it's license last year.