Health Concerns As Valley School Removes Toilet Paper

A parent in Valley, Alabama, is accusing a junior high school of keeping toilet paper from its students. The mother of a seventh grader at W. F. Burns Middle School said girls rolled the bathroom stalls, and that prompted removal of the toilet paper.

Brandi Worthy said she was appalled when she heard a group of kids threw toilet paper all over a restroom. She doesn't approve of the vandalism, but what happened afterward bothers her more.

"They took the tissue from the girls as punishment, but I don't believe that was theirs to take. It's not a privilege," said Worthy.

Worthy said after the horseplay, students were required to take toilet paper from the classroom. She says this punished innocent students and could lead to health problems if it continues.

"It can't be sanitary. What if you're walking by the restroom, and you need to go in there and there's nothing there. You have to go find a classroom to get something out of it," said Worthy.

Chambers County Superintendent Leonard Riley tells News Leader 9 all the toilet paper has been returned to the restrooms, but it was removed due to vandalism. He also said soap dispensers were broken off the walls, so students have to use hand sanitizer that's located back in the classrooms.