Benefits of Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

A ruling Thursday in the Anna Nicole Smith case just reinforces planning for the inevitable.  The judge ruled the guardian for Smith's infant daughter will get custody of the body.

Experts say there are ways you can prevent a family tug of war like this from happening to you.  Pre-arranged funerals are steps many are taking today.  Some say this leaves them breathing a sigh of relief for their families left behind.  "They will not be emotionally disturbed in having to go through all of that arranging of funeral," said Jo Crouch, Russell County Resident.

Planning a funeral for a love one can be stressful.  You have the task of selecting a casket, the director, and even the place where your family member will be laid to rest.  We've all seen the disputes of families and spouses from Anna Nicole Smith to James Brown.  But you can save your family the headache.  "If you make your family aware of your wishes it could make it so much easier for those left behind," said Vicki Cross, Vance Memorial Chapel.

It may come as a surprise to you, but older folks are not the only one's making these arrangements.  "I have done people as young as 18 years of age.  I had a young lady who lost her father.  So she refused to allow her mother and those surviving go through what she and her mother had gone through," said Cross.

Funerals can be very expensive.  That's why some say pre-planning can prevent their family from over doing it.  "So they would not go overboard in over spending thinking this is the last thing I can do for my parent," said Crouch.

One thing that's overlooked when folks pass away is whether or not to donate their organs.  These are all parts of funeral planning that you should involve your whole family.  Even though it may be difficult to discuss death with them, experts say it is necessary to make sure your final wishes will be carried out.