Residents Say Enough To Car Break-ins

Residents of Hunter's Run Apartments on Woodruff Farm Road tell us, over the last several months, there have been at least ten car break-ins.  They say the property managers aren't doing anything to improve security, and they want that to change.

Plastic covers the window broken by thieves, and, where there used to be a CD player, now just a gaping hole.  CSU student Monica Barrett says Wednesday night was the second time her car's been broken into in her two years at Hunter's Run.

"I can't continue to put CD players in my car and have people steal them from me," Barrett said.  "I'm tired of it."

So is Barrett's roommate, who tells us, her car was also hit last May.

"When we pay so much money to live here, and we live right here in the front, and all these things are happening continuously, it's just making me angry that they're not doing anything about it," said Tiffany Hutchinson.

Both Barrett and Hutchinson say they've taken their security concerns to property managers, but, so far, nothing.

"They don't care about the residents here because, if they did, they would be doing something about it," Barrett said.

"I want to see security, if not a patrol car, then they can at least put up cameras," Hutchinson said.

But The Woodruff Companies, who manages Hunter's Run, isn't commenting, not even on their security already in place--only telling us to talk to Columbus Police.  So we did.  Chief Ricky Boren says officers do patrol areas that include apartment complexes, and police help is available if requested.

Both Barrett and Hutchinson say something needs to be done soon, before another car ends up like theirs.

"I'm not going to put another radio back in my car because I'm not going to risk it being stolen again," Hutchinson said.

The roommates tell us the break-ins have been going on for about a year, and it's gotten to the point where they're considering moving out.  They say others have left because nothing has been done to beef-up security.

Columbus Police say, in January, there were five break-ins on record at Hunter's Run.  They do say, however, that's not unusual for an apartment complex.