Some Love Columbus Park Crossing Traffic

It's impossible to say the words Columbus Park Crossing, and not think of traffic.  But, despite what most of us hope, there are some who don't want it to go away.

"We like the traffic," said Hair Masters Manager Brandi Hightower.  "A lot."

"It's bringing a lot of business to our new location," said Sport Styles Owner Bob Schenck.  "We just opened last year, so it's been very beneficial to us."

Schenck and Hightower tell us the traffic is putting them a cut above in sales.  While Schenck says his business is setting monthly records, Hightower compares Saturdays before and after Wal-Mart opened.

"Before, Saturdays were kind of steady, people here and there," Hightower said.  "Now, we're full from the time we open to the time we close."

Not every business at Columbus Park Crossing is a success story. Some say, despite all the traffic, they really haven't seen that many more customers.  Managers at Campus Spirit say it's simply their off-season.  Decor Gallery is a different story.  It's going out of business.  The owner says she believes, in an area full of discount retailers, her store isn't really what people are looking for.

But, for Hightower and Schenck, success is the word.

"It's a terrific thing to be on the busiest corner in Columbus," Schenck said.

Schenck says he pays high rent in exchange for high visibility.  He's been open for a little more than year, while Hair Masters has been open for almost five years.