Hit and Run Victim Returns Home

A Columbus mother who lost her leg in a hit and run accident in Florida is finally back home with her family tonight.  The accident happened last month near Saint Petersburg, Florida.  Elonda Floyd was there to support the Carver High School band and dancers when she became the victim of a hit-and-run driver.

The community was so touched by her story, Knology sent a private jet to fly her home Saturday morning. Elonda Floyd's long awaited trip home began in St. Petersburg, when she had to say good-bye to all the people who had helped her in the last 42 days.

"I've got mixed emotions," Floyd said before boarding the jet. "I'm happy to be going home, but I've made some friends here that I love, and so thankful for."

One of those friends is Mildred Mails, a stranger who saw Elonda's story on the news in Florida.

"My heart went out to her and she has really touched me and made a big impression on my life," Mails said.

After all the tearful farewells, it was time for Elonda to get on Knology's private jet, and head back home.  The hour-long flight gave Elonda some time to think about all the people she cares about, who will be there supporting her.

"My best friend, my children, hopefully my niece, other friends. I don't know who else. I'll be surprised when I get there," Floyd said.

Back at the Columbus Airport, the emotional greetings poured out as family and friends hugged the woman they call an inspiration.

"I can't say it's been a bad experience for me," Floyd said once she was back on home ground. "It's been really good for me actually. I'm not glad I lost my leg, but I have just been so blessed."

Elonda Floyd says she's getting ready to be fit for a prosthetic leg.  Then she says, she can do whatever she wants, including salsa dancing and karate.