Dangerous Bank Robbery Suspect on the Loose

20-year-old Anthony Butler is wanted on federal bank robbery charges and for an aggravated assault on a police officer.

After four months of looking for Butler, law enforcement is now asking for your help.

Columbus Police Chief Rick Boren says Anthony Butler is still on the streets of Columbus. And after the events of October twentieth he should be considered armed and dangerous.

It was more like a scene from a Hollywood script. But police say when Anthony Butler entered the C-B and T on Buena Vista Road he meant business.

"Butler allegedly entered the bank armed with a shotgun and fired one round into the ceiling," said Emmett Stephens, FBI special agent.

Authorities say he then forced all customers and employees to the ground, leaving with an undisclosed amount of cash. An off duty Columbus police officer confronted the gunman as he left the bank.

"Pointed the weapon at the officer, the officer fired several times at Butler, Butler managed to get to a car and escape from the scene," said Rick Boren, Columbus Police Chief.

A search eventually turned up the car, money and the weapon he used...but no Butler. Now the FBI and Columbus Police are offering a five thousand dollar reward for information on Butler's whereabouts.

"We feel like there's someone out there in our community who knows where the individual is and we hope that the five thousand dollar reward will bring that individual out and we'll receive the information," said Boren.

Butler is known to have relatives in both Columbus and Hinesville, Georgia which is near Savannah.

They're asking that is anyone have information on Anthony Steven Butler to call crimestoppers. That phone number is 706-653-3188