Valley Works To Eliminate Bad Roads

Smoother roads are on the way for Valley, Alabama. The city will soon have a comprehensive plan to resurface streets thanks to Kia moving in. For some residents, it's long overdue.

Many potholes in Valley have been patched, but 24th Avenue will soon get a much-needed facelift.

"A 'for real' job is better than a patch job any time," said Annette Gray, a 24th Ave. resident.

Her road is one of three to be repaved under the city's old resurfacing plan. By October, a new plan will be drawn up and priorities will change, thanks mostly to Kia.

"We did not have the anticipated growth we have now, and it took into account the traffic count for the mills. Some of those have closed," said John McConnell, Valley public works director.

New subdivisions will be built in Valley, and that will change traffic patterns. City leaders will decide which roads will be most affected and repave them, but not before the top three in the old plan are fixed.

"A lot of people are going to be looking forward to it because it's something we really need here in the Valley area. We really do have a lot of potholes. I'm glad it's coming our way," said Dan Wells, a resident of 33rd Street.

Gray says she's lived on 24th Ave. for 18 years, and she has never seen it resurfaced.

"The city's been good about doing what they could to keep it up, but all our roads are old. We do just what we have to do," said Gray.

Valley is hiring an engineering firm to help decide what roads will be affected by the increased traffic. They hope to have the new plan in place in time for next year's budget. Cusseta Road, 33rd St. and 24th Ave. will all be repaved this year.