F2 Tornado Confirmed in Taylor County; One Person Killed

Taylor County, GA - Friday
Taylor County, GA - Friday
Taylor County, GA - Thursday Night
Taylor County, GA - Thursday Night

Officials have confirmed an F-2 tornado killed a man in Taylor County Thursday night. Parts of the Butler area looked like a war zone after the first round of storms passed through. We saw several dozen downed trees, downed power lines, and blocked roads. There were also several reports of homes damaged and confirmed reports of people injured.

"The whole house is a disaster. It's tore up real bad," Butler resident Mary Whaley said as she stood in front of a home with no roof.

But the good news is, she survived the most frightening moment of her life. She was in her house with her granddaughter when a twister ripped off the roof.

"And she was holding onto me, screaming, crying, and me too, because it was awful scary in there," Whaley said as she recounted those horrible moments.

But not everyone was so fortunate. Just down the road, a mobile home was obliterated.  Three people were inside--but only two made it out alive. Charlotte Hill says it was a direct hit. Her daughter, Tina, son-in law, Kenneth, and a family friend were trying desperately to get out.

"But they got to the hallway, and that's as far as they made it," Hill said.

Tina Howell spent the night in a Fort Valley hospital. She suffered a broken arm and lots of cuts and bruises.  Her husband, Kenneth, had internal injuries.  He was transported to a hospital in Macon.

Their friend, Wallace Culverhouse, died from his injuries.

"My daughter said it was like being buried alive, because she said it was black and she couldn't see anything," Hill recalled.  "She said that she knew her husband was alive, but she didn't hear Wallace. So she figured, you know, he didn't make it."

Relatives are now searching for the couples' dogs, in hopes that finding them alive will shine a light of hope on this storm-battered family.

"I feel fortunate that I've still got them, but we've got to deal with us losing this friend. He was like a son," Hill said.

Meanwhile, power crews have been working non-stop to restore power to the area. We caught up with several workers today who say they haven't had a break since the first wave of storms came through yesterday afternoon.