Columbus Cuts Off Delinquent Landfill Customers

As storm clean-up gets rolling, several businesses find themselves barred from using the Columbus city landfill.

The city has banned 15 companies, because they haven't paid landfill fees. The combined total they owe is more than 88-thousand dollars.  On Friday, two businesses paid the city and have been removed from the list.

The businesses range from construction companies to tree services.

(Updated 3/8/2007)

City of Columbus News Release:

Effective immediately...the following businesses are not permitted to use the landfills due to non-payment, not even on a cash basis.  As these businesses attempt to use the landfill, staff will inform them that they must contact the Revenue Division Office, Allen Young or myself to make payment arrangements before they will be permitted to use the landfills in the future.  As these businesses clear up their accounts, the Revenue Office will provide notification once the account is clear so access to the landfill is granted.

Here is a list of those companies:

M & M Construction

Bridges Contracting

Consolidated Renovations

Holley Builder, Inc. D.F.

Strong Arms Stump Grinding

Mays Landscaping

Dependable Landscaping

Community Grading

Cline Construction Company

Watson's Backhoe & Dozier Service

Q & A Associates, Inc.

Renfroe Grading Contractor

Muscogee Tree Service

Martin Landscaping

J & J Land Development

These businesses represent a total of $88,245 in uncollected revenue.  Contact has been made allowing them an opportunity to contact us for payment arrangements, but to no avail.  This step to deny service, even on a cash basis will force them to make contact with us to clear up their account.  The next step will be legal action.