One Week After The Tornado

Residents and work crews are continuing to clean up debris and search for some sense of normalcy.  Just a week ago many neighborhoods all types of debris scattered across communities in Columbus.

Now, clean up is in full swing and families are slowly moving on.  Workers are diligently picking up the pieces left behind.  Clearing roads and even grinding tree branches.  Drive down any street in the Brookstone subdivision and you see windows boarded up, rooftops that are gone and those that have been patched up and covered.

All from a twister that literally turned things upside down.

At the Grantham's home, workers from their insurance company and Service Master survey more damage.  Since the tornado they have been tagging and packing up the family's belongings so they can move until their home is repaired.  "They boarded up the windows, they put tarp on the roof immediately within the first 24 hours then they have now come in and they're assisting with packing everything up in the house.  They'll inventory it, if it's wet they'll dry it, if it's dirty they'll clean it and they'll keep it stored for us until the remodeling repairs are done," said Laura Grantham, Tornado Victim.

Grantham says this entire experience has taught her family life lessons.  "My daughter said, she says the Lord spared me, I have a purpose, he's got a purpose for me, just, it grounds you back into reality that there is a higher power.  Things happen for a reason and I don't have to know the reason, I'm just happy to have my family," said Grantham.

Laura Grantham says they know it will be six months or more before they can get back into their home.  As for the others on her street.  They'll have to be torn down and built from the foundation up again.