Red Cross Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

The Red Cross has been instrumental in providing assistance to families affected by last week's tornado.  They are also providing folks with food while cleaning up from last week's twister.

When you're working hard to clear your property you sometimes don't have time to stop to get food.  That's where the Red Cross comes in.  "You get thirsty, you get hungry and you get tired while cleaning up.  Just seeing the Red Cross is really a relief for us to see a friend stop by to give us a drink here and there," said John Iniego, Columbus Forestry Division.

They see it as part of their mission in life, to help by passing out food, snacks, and water.  "My faith in God is probably what makes me do this.  He told us to help those who needed help, but he carries us along.  We run into tough and hard spots but he's there with us," said Howard Mayfield, Red Cross Volunteer.

The Red Cross says it is ready to help anytime a disaster happens and say your money is put to good use.  "If you put your dollar in and say I want it to go to help the disaster victims from the Georgia tornado.  That's where it will be spent no questions asked," said Sharon Lyons, American Red Cross.

Many crews working to take away debris say team work keep's them going back everyday.  "We pull together as a community that's what sets us apart, that's what's make us strong," said Iniego.

The Red Cross told News Leader Nine that as along as people are still out working.  They will continue delivering food and beverages.

If you need more information on assistance from the tornado.  You can call 1-866-GET-INFO.