Parole Denied For Three Time Killer

Nearly forty years after Edward Seibold killed 3 Auburn girls with a shotgun and a hatchet, a parole board considered releasing the killer. News leader 9 was there as the board listened to emotional pleas from the victim's families.

"You are the only people that can keep us safe," Cathey Sinclair told the parole board.

On the night of September 6th 1967, Cathey Sinclair was hiding inside a closet at her families Auburn Home. A boy she had dated, then 19-year old Edward Seibold, had broken into their home. Terrified, she listened as one shotgun blast wounded her mother, another killed her 9-year old sister and her best friend. Before she escaped, she heard her 18-year old sister, Elizabeth, beg for her life, before Edward Seibold slit her throat.

"He broke into our home, broke into our house while we were sleeping and killed them with his own hands, he should never be able to do that again, I plead with you to deny parole to this man," said the victim's mother and victim, Juanita Sinclair.

One by one family members, and Lee Counties District Attorney, Nick Abbett spoke to board members.

"It was the most violent attack I've ever seen in my entire career," Abbett said.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King also spoke to the board, describing Seibold as a "monster."

"I was reminded once again, it's heartbreaking, that victims in this state have to come before these parole boards and use words like I beg, and I plead, that you will do the right thing. They should have every right to expect that the right thing would be done," said King.

As some family members held hands, the parole board took less than a minute to make their decision. Seibold will stay behind bars for at least another five years.

Seibold was sentenced to die for the murders, but it was overturned by the supreme court. So now, every five years, he comes up for parole. Family members say they are terrified if he gets out, he will hunt them down. So, they'll keep coming back and speaking to the board, in hopes that he will die in prison.

As for Seibold, not one person showed up to speak on his behalf during Tuesday's hearing.