Columbus Housing Market Booming

If you're looking to buy a house, now may be the perfect time to find the best deal.  There is an abundance of homes on the market.  Realtors say the latest reports show home prices have bottomed out.  That's good news for buyers, not as much for sellers.

When Monica Dejarlais moved into her North Columbus home 16 months ago she didn't think she'd ever leave.  But last week she found herself putting her home back on the market.

"I need to sell it quickly," she says.  "Because I am looking to leave the area. Probably I'm going to have to be flexible in negotiations."

With so many homes for sale there is a lot of competition among sellers hoping to cash in.

Bill Enfinger, a Columbus Mortgage company owner, says, "They (buyers) are lowering prices one, two they are offering a lot more incentive for the buyers to buy the home, like pitching in part of closing costs and adding free upgrades to the home."  Enfinger says you have to know how to price your home in order to sell it.

Realtor Julie Duncan says the housing market is hot.  As a realtor she can tell you what your home will sell for and how to move it off the market.  She advises updating kitchens, bathrooms, and fixtures.  She says it also helps to have good landscaping.

Dejarlais' master bathroom is what led her to buy her home.  Now that she's moving, she hopes it will be a great selling point to attract another worthy buyer.

"I'm just hoping someone will come in and fall in love with the house."