Neighbors Concerned About Former Meth House

Lee County neighbors near Phenix City say a home was raided for housing a meth lab, and now the house has been bought by someone else. They're concerned it may pose a health risk for the new owners. Donna Arnett moved into the house a week ago, and her neighbors tell News Leader 9 they're worried.

"The owner of the property said that they had a meth lab or something," said Arnett.

Lee County deputies seized a meth lab in the house in October 2005. Chemical traces can still be found long after a lab is cleaned out.

"The carpet in a room, the sheet rock, walls and the ceiling perhaps would absorb some of the chemicals as a result of a meth lab being processed there," said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

When a lab is seized, investigators remove all evidence and any hazardous components. They don't remove flooring or walls.

"The land owner, or property owner, would be dealing with that particular aspect after we have finished our business," Jones said.

Arnett said her house was bare when she moved in.

"It's been gutted out pretty much. It needs flooring, and there's no cupboard," said Arnett.

She said they plan on rebuilding on this lot in about a year, and it makes her happy her neighbors are concerned about them.

"I'm thankful they do care. I don't really want to be in a bad neighborhood, or around drug places, either. I would be just as concerned," she said.

We spoke with some realtors Thursday, and they tell us Alabama is a "buyer beware" state when it comes to homes. Some houses used as meth labs can be condemned, but if the lab is smaller the house can be cleaned instead. They say to find out as much about the house as possible.